5 Ways to fall in love with Victoria Falls this Valentine’s Day

5 Ways to fall in love with Victoria Falls this Valentine’s Day.


Valentine’s Day may only last 24 hours, but the memories you make with your loved one will last you a lifetime. When considering things to do in Victoria Falls,  we have put together a few ideas for your next visit.


Full Moon Dinner at The Lookout Café

When the world has been painted silver by the light of the moon, a sea of stars spills across a navy-blue sky, and the night time breeze carries with it the roar of a river that is cloaked by a sheet of darkness, a sensation of undiluted love and harmony settles over the Lookout Café. Indulge in exquisite food and wine as the eve of romance wraps its arms around you.

This is an experience that epitomises the feeling of being in love- perched on the edge of a steep gorge, hidden wonders yet to be revealed, a sense of excitement tinted with etherealness and pure happiness.

Moonrise from the Wild Horizons Lookout Cafe

Moonrise from the Wild Horizons Lookout Cafe


Sundowners at the Batoka Gorge

“The first stab of love is like a sunset, a blaze of colour — oranges, pearly pinks, vibrant purples…”

The Victoria Falls is a blessing in a million ways, but we are especially grateful for the mist it lends the sky to make our sunsets here ever more exquisite. The best gift you can give your loved one is the sight of a sunset over the Batoka gorge- there is no gold to be found anywhere in the world more beautiful and precious that that which follows the setting sun.

Sit amidst breath taking natural beauty on the lip of a cavernous gorge, and watch the sky blush as the sun kisses it goodnight. Sunsets are the heavens way of writing poetry, and no matter what troubles may have filled the day, they are always beautiful.

Victoria Falls Gorge picnic

Sundowners at the Batoka Gorge as served by The Elephant Camp


Sunset Cruising on the Zambezi Royal

The Zambezi river takes many forms along its course through this magical town. It can be seen as a fury of white water as it cascades down the black basalt rock as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It churns into tremulous rapids as it plunges through the narrow passage of the gorge. It’s gentle ripples carry canoes along its body. It is even a home to countless fish, crocodiles and hippo. During sunset, the sun itself seems to dip below the surface of the water, submerging the world in a golden glow.

At this moment, the river become a mirror, reflecting the brilliant colours that flood the sky above it, so that from afar the boats look as though they are floating on a red and purple sea. With a medley of mouth-watering canapes and a lively cocktail nearby, it’s a moment you will want to last forever.

Attractions in Victoria Falls, the Zambezi Royal Zambezi Sunset Cruise

When considering attractions in Victoria Falls, the Zambezi Royal Zambezi Sunset Cruise is a must-do!


Tandem gorge swing

Falling in love requires you to take a leap of faith. You place your trust into the person standing next to you, you feel a wave of nerves collide with a tide of excitement, and your heart vibrates with anticipation of what’s to come as you stand on the brink of the adventure of a lifetime. The gorge swing harnesses all these emotions to create a thrilling and mind blowing experience. Leap into the wide-open air as you plunge into the mouth of the gorge.

Scream as you break free of the fear and trepidation you felt before you threw yourself off the platform. Hold on tightly to the person strapped in next to you, equally as frightened and exhilarated, but elated to be sharing the moment with you. In the short space of time that you fall together, you will create a magnificent story to store in your memory bank. It is the ideal way to celebrate this Valentine’s Day.

An Adrenalin Rush in Victoria Falls! The Gorge Swing.

An Adrenalin Rush in Victoria Falls! The Gorge Swing.


The Flight of Angels

When David Livingstone first lay eyes on the Victoria Falls, he said that it was a sight so beautiful it must have been seen by angels in their flight. And he was right. The Flight of Angels helicopter ride shows you the world as those lying on the clouds would see it. The deep fissure of the gorge, the tendrils of mist that stroke the skyline, the green and brown landscape melting into the rushing river.

As the sun’s rays bounce off the surface of the water, they leave behind shards of light, so that it appears you are flying over a carpet of diamonds. It’s a moment so picturesque you will feel as though you have spent your afternoon in a postcard.


A scenic helicopter flight over the Victoria Falls

A scenic helicopter flight over the Victoria Falls


Story by Jess White.


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