A Christmas Story To Inspire Your Next Safari

Victoria Falls is filled with natural wonders,
From lunar rainbows to The Smoke That Thunders.
The waterfall transforms a ripple into a rapid
And clouds bloom in tune with each cascading ballad.
But before reaching the Gorge, the Zambezi first sees
A beautiful lodge, tucked beneath a tangle of trees.
Canvas suites rocked in the cradle of nature,
Overlooking views of which there are none greater.

While still cloaked in an essence of mystery
Old Drift is woven into the town’s history.
Decades ago, in a bygone era
This is where explorers came together.
On a section of the river that just so happens
To be narrow enough for crossing ox-wagons.
These cattle-crewed carts are no longer relevant
(And would undoubtedly startle the resident elephant),
But a spirit of adventure echoes across the wild plain
And became the inspiration for Old Drift Lodge’s name.

Our entire team feels so very blessed
To share this space with each and every guest.
Our hearts are filled with gratitude and sincere thanks
For the special memories made on these riverbanks.
We appreciate every game drive in the National Park
And outdoor bubble bath when the sky grows dark.
This Christmas we smile and joyfully assign
A night of gourmet meals and fine wine.
Here’s to the next chapter of Old Drifts tale,
We can’t wait to see what the year will entail.